23rd North American Catalysis Society Meeting
Air & Ground Travel
     Cost of Air Travel & Ground Transportation is the responsibility of the attendee.
Louisville International Airport (airport code SDF)
     The Louisville International Airport is located 10 minutes away from the city of Louisville, Kentucky.  Kentucky's second busiest airport, Louisville Airport hosts over 3 million passengers each year.  Eight airlines provide non-stop service to 28 destinations around the country through both domestic and international connections.  
       The airport has two concourses, A and B.  Located near the intersection of I-65 and I-264, rental cars, taxis, limousines, buses and hotel shuttles provide transport into the city and surrounding area.  Louisville International Airport is accentually ted providing races al major metropolitan areas.
VISAS and Letters of Invitation
For those traveling from overseas to the 23rd NAM who require a Travel Visa, please visit http://travel.state.gov/visa/visa_1750.html for more information regarding travel to the USA.
Requests and inquiries regarding Letters of Invitation may be
directed to:  jennifer@meetingsolutionsinc.com.
Galt House
General Accommodations
Atlanta Airport
Cincinnati Airport
Louisville Airport
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